Building Your Career Transition Strategy:
A Framework for Managing the Reintegration Process

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Reintegration is a process that people undertake at various points in their life—and to varying degrees—when they are faced with the need to readjust after extended periods of unfamiliar or highly stressful experiences. Whether you are working with service members returning home from combat deployment or volunteers acclimating to life after a relief mission, this guide can help you provide your clients—as well as their supporters—with insights into the reintegration process and help them to understand how to deal most effectively with the challenges involved. Offering an in-depth look at using personality type to support successful reintegration, it presents guidance for each type on how to improve the reintegration experience across a wide variety of contexts, from career exploration and development to interpersonal relationships, and provides practical tips for facilitating success, techniques for avoiding actions that may derail progress, and important information to inspire action plans that promote success.


Table of Contents

• Using Type to Support Successful Reintegration
• Objectives

How to Get the Most out of This Report 
• Discovering Your Four-Letter Type
• How to Use This Booklet If You Are a Service Member
• How to Use This Booklet If You Are a Family Member, Friend, or Colleague of a Service Member
• How to Use This Booklet If You Are a Support Professional

Understanding Preferences and Reintegration 
• Relating the Preferences to Reintegration
• Relating the Preferences to What Helps or Hinders You During Reintegration

Understanding Your Reintegration Style 
• The Sixteen Types at Their Best
• Type Descriptions

Reintegration Applications 
• Understanding Reintegration Through Five Type Lenses
• Quick Tips for Improving Your Career Exploration During Reintegration
• Quick Tips for Enhancing Relationships During Reintegration
• Going Forward: Using Your Reintegration Experience Constructively

• Reintegration Resources
• Type-Related Resources